By Robin | January 07, 2017

Raw Denim


The first time you will try on a raw denim jeans, you will find that it feels very stiff and rough, basically it’s uncomfortable. So what is the reason behind people paying a shit load of money on a pair of truly uncomfortable jeans? Ridiculous right?


What is Raw Denim?

Raw denim, also named dry denim, is the purest form of denim you can get. Other than a regular pair of jeans, Raw Denim is unwashed and untreated. The raw denim fabric hasn’t been treated or touched by acid and bleach nor has it been through a washing machine, therefore the indigo dye is still embedded in the fabric. As the cotton fibres can’t absorb the indigo dye completely, the fabric will bleed, especially when it’s wet. Because of the bleeding you have to be careful with a brand new raw denim jeans otherwise you will leave, worst-case scenario, some blue marks on your mother in law’s couch.



Due to a stone wash or bath of bleach, the denim fibres get damaged. The Deep blue indigo color become lighter and the stiff and thick fabric become thinner. During this process factories try to fabricate well worn jeans in very short time. Although some brands are pretty good at it, it will always affect the quality of the denim. Because raw denim isn’t washed and treated beforehand, the cotton fibres are still intact, which means that the raw denim is of higher quality.


Create your own fades

Besides the higher quality, raw denim lets you create your own fades. Where a regular pair of jeans has pre-fabricated fades based on the perfect body type, raw denim lets you be the designer of your own unique fades. By just wearing them day in, day out, you will create some beautiful Whiskers and some kick-ass Honeycombs. Your raw denim project will create a personal story. When you spill some coffee, it will create a spot. When you fall from your bike after a long night of drinking Tequila you will get a unique hole, how awesome!