By Robin | January 12, 2017

Review Atelier de l’Armée Flight Pack


Brand: Atelier de l’Armée

Product name: Flight Pack

Materials: 18 oz. water repellent cotton canvas, moleskin and vegetable tanned full grain leather.

Made in: Italy

Price: €389




total height: 64 cm
folded height: 50 cm
bottom width: 30 cm
depth: 12 cm
strap length: adjustable


General information:

Atelier de l’Armée is an Amsterdam based brand focused on combining style with function. Their current collection is made for the every day city cyclist, the outdoors type and the adventure seeker who likes to travel in style. The products are made out of water repellent fabrics to prepare the user for the unpredictable weather changes. All the products of Atelier de l’Armée are designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in their workshop in Amsterdam or at a manufactory in Italy. The used materials are carefully selected from Europe’s best manufactures. During the fabric selection and production Atelier de l’Armée takes environmental and ethical aspects into account.


 Atelier de l'armee review



The Flight Pack seem to be solidly constructed with an eye for detail. The selected materials as well as the finishing seem to be extremely durable. When we took a closer look, we couldn’t find any loose threads or other imperfections.



This backpack is fully lined and has 3 small inner pockets. The top part is adjustable in height and is closable via two adjustable leather straps. The side panels contain pockets and an elastic band to hold a water bottle. It has a padded back panel for soft wearing and laptop protection.



The Flight Pack is designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in a manufactory in Italy.


Atelier de l'armee review



The main part of the Flight Pack is made out of 18oz. sturdy water repellent cotton canvas. The two pockets on the front are made of moleskin and all the leather parts are made from vegetable tanned full grain cowhide leather. We will briefly look into those different fabrics.


18oz. water repellent cotton canvas

The 18oz. water repellent cotton canvas give the Flight Pack an high-end feel and it keeps your belongings safe. Normally this fabric is used in the construction of army tents because of its durability and lifetime. No matter what the weather is like, this bag will carry your belongings safe and dry.


Cotton moleskin

Moleskin is a heavy woven cotton fabric and is known for its softness. Moleskin fabric is not actually made from moles skin, but the name of the fabric refers to the softness of the fabric. Although Moleskin has a silky feel, it is a very strong, windproof and durable fabric.


Vegetable tanned full grain cowhide leather

Vegetable tanning is the most eco-friendly method of tanning. No chemicals are used during the entire process. Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal. Over time, full grain leather will look nicer and it will develop a patina from being used.


Atelier de l'armee Review



We recommend to treat the leather once a year with leather conditioner to avoid the leather from drying out. For general maintenance Atelier de l’Armée suggests to drop your bag off at a leather specialized cleaning service.



Atelier de l’Armée delivered to us a beautifully designed and durable backpack. They combined style with function and built the bag to last a lifetime. The Flight Pack has a very solid look and feel …. . Besides the design and the way the bag is made, the selected fabrics are outstanding. In our opinion it’s hard to find a more superior designed backpack made from the same quality. Although this backpack comes at a price, the quality, the design and the way it is made justify the price if you ask us.