By Robin | January 12, 2017

Review Benzak BDD-006 heavy slub


Brand: Benzak Denim Developers

Product name: BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT

Fit: Slim fit

Materials: 16 oz. redline Japanese Selvedge denim

Made in: Japan

Price: €299

Size: 28 – 38



General information:

Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) is an Amsterdam based denim brand which launched their first collection in July 2013. BDD represents the love and passion for Japanese denim and craftsmanship, combined with contemporary European fits. Nowadays BDD has a ‘Made in Japan’ line and a newer ‘European Line’. Every detail in the ‘Made in Japan’ collection is there for a reason, has its own purpose and function, without doing any concessions on quality or design. The ‘European Made’ is brought to life to develop high quality basic jeans and other garments without the addition of expensive detailing.


Benzak Denim Developers Review



The construction and finishing of the BDD-006 is very solid. The jeans is cut, sewn and finished with an eye for detail. BDD has put a lot of thought in every single detail. The waistband, for example, is manually attached with a chain stitch and the back pockets are fully lined and attached with hidden rivets. The crotch is reinforced with a bartack to prevent early crotch blowouts and the leg opening is hemmed with a Union Special 43200G. The BDD-006 is built to fade beautifully without falling apart.


Heavy Chambray pocketing

The pocketing is made out of 12 oz. Heavy Chambray. This fabric is way stronger than regular used fabric. It is because of the Chambray that you can carry your keys around without replacing your pockets every now and then. The depth of the pocket bags is perfect, important things as your keys and phone fit perfectly without you needing to dig around before you can find them.


Back pockets

The back pockets are stitched with three different yarn colours and in different thicknesses to create an optical 3D effect. The accurate stitching represents the horns of the longhorn bull.

The back pockets are fully lined with the same 12 oz. heavy chambray as the pocketing. When having your wallet in your back pocket, it’s usually always a weak spot. Instead, with the addition of the chambray lining BDD prevents your back pockets from ripping apart.


Hidden 6th pocket

Yet another feature to be found in the BDD-006. The 6th pocket has been placed on the left hand side and is striking but subtle. It is called ‘hidden’ because when worn with a belt, the pocket will not be visible.


Benzak Denim Developers Review



The weaving process of the fabric as well as the construction of the jeans takes place at Collect Mills. Collect is one of the most popular Mills in Japan and is part of the Japan Blue company (also founders of Momotaro & Japan Blue).



The BDD-006 is made of 16oz. heavy slub Right Hand Twill Japanese selvedge denim. The irregular and open structure of the fabric creates an interesting high-low fading after wear and wash. The slubby yarns create an even deeper contrast.

The fabric is woven out of a blend of US cotton mixed with cotton from various regions around the world to guarantee a strong staple. The fabric is sanforized, which means that there will be minor shrinkage after the first wash.


Benzak Denim Developers Review



We recommend you to wear your jeans as long as (1 year) possible before its first wash to create deep contrasting fades. Washing your jeans sooner will create a clear even blue tone, which can also be beautiful. When the wash cannot wait any longer, we advise a hand wash for minimal damage to the fabric. We do not encourage to not wash the jeans at all. Washing it once every while will help recover the worn in fibres, giving your pair of jeans a longer lifespan.

Because the BDD-006 is unwashed and untreated and dyed in indigo, it may bleed some indigo. Be careful with rubbing against furniture or other clothing articles.



The BDD-006 is the heaviest weight denim available at Benzak Denim Developers. The jeans looks slubby and feels rough, it will definitely makes a denim head’s heart beat faster. The subtle details, such as the 6th pocket and the fully lined back pockets are definitely an addition to the jeans. The construction and finishing of the BDD-006 is very solid, this jeans is definitely built to last a long time.

The fading potential of the Japanese heavy slub fabric is promising. The combination of Right Hand Twill and slub will create an incredible deep contrast.

With its cost at €299, the BDD-006 belongs to the top priced jeans on the market. There are just a few jeans out there worth paying a price like this. The BDD-006 is one of the jeans that’s worth paying this price for. The materials, the way of construction and the details justify this price for sure. So, if you are looking for a new project, you should consider the BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT.