By Robin | January 12, 2017

Review Denim.lab Nash jeans


Brand: Denim.lab

Product name: Mini.lab Slim Jeans – Nash 150 Dry

Materials: 11.5 oz. Stretch Selvedge denim

Made in: Thailand

Price: €69,95

Available Sizes: 80 – 128



General information:

Denim.lab is a dutch denim brand that creates ‘quality inspired denim goods’ for men and kids. Denim.lab is sourcing driven, which means: ‘Fabric comes first’. The guys behind Denim.lab travel around the world to find the best and most unique (deadstock) fabrics. Nowadays Denim.lab is a complete menswear brand and their SS17 collection provides almost every item you will find in a regular men closet.


Denim.lab kids jeans Review



The Nash is made out of 11.5 oz. medium blue Indigo Selvedge denim. In fact, this jeans is made the same way as are the jeans from the men collection. With a few adjustments in the construction Denim.lab transformed a men jeans into a jeans for kids. For example, they developed an adjustable waistband to ensure that your kid will fit into this jeans for some more months. Because of this adjustable waistband they replaced their leather patch into a canvas label tag. The inside of the jeans is finished with an over-locking machine, just like most of the jeans in general.


Adjustable waistband

The adjustable waistband is a brilliant solution to ensure that your kids can wear the jeans for more than just a couple of months. Inside the waistband they placed an elastic strap that can be moved and secured with a button at the front of the jeans.


Chambray pocket lining

The pocket lining is made out of a brown Chambray fabric. This Chambray provides better durability than regular pocket lining.


Selvedge details at the coin pocket & back pocket

With the Selvedge details at the coin pocket and the back pocket Denim.lab made another adjustment that we cannot find in their menswear collection. The redline Selvedge line is an eye-catching detail which is perfect on kids jeans.


Denim.lab kids jeans Review



The production took place at a factory near Bangkok, Thailand.



11.5 oz. medium blue Indigo stretch Selvedge denim.



Normally the advice for raw denim is to avoid washes as long as possible. This advice is also applicable for this jeans but it’s hard to stick to it when your kids ran into a pool to catch a frog. So our advice is to wash when necessary on a denim friendly washing program.


Denim.lab kids jeans Review



In our opinion the Mini.lab Nash slim jeans is a must-have for every denimhead who wants to dress his child like a boss. The fabric as well as the construction have a solid look and feel. The adjustable waistband is a very smart solution to ensure that your kid can wear the jeans for more than just a couple of months. Because of the stretch (not that much) it has a much smoother feeling than most of the Raw Denim jeans out there so your kid can run happily without pain. Last but not least, the items from the Mini.lab collection comes at a fair price!