By Robin | January 12, 2017

Review Livid Jeans Edmond Japan Various Weft


Brand: Livid Jeans

Product name: Edmond Japan Various Weft

Materials: 100% cotton, woven by Kuroki, Japan

Made in: Roriz Santo Tirso, Portugal

Price: €190

Available Sizes: S – XXXL


This shirt is limited to 121 pieces. 



Front length: 67 
Shoulder: 44 cm
Chest: 55 cm
Bottom opening: 51 cm
Arm length: 67 cm

For this review we received an Edmond Japan Various Weft in size M:


General information:

Livid Jeans is one of those newer brands that got on our radar not too long ago. Formed by a passion for fabric and construction Livid Jeans is a Norwegian apparel company that adheres to the Japanese finesse within fabric construction while maintaining the classic silhouettes of contemporary Scandinavian design. Livid Jeans originated from a fabric and construction oriented perspective that aims to preserve traditions by building quality made products. Livid works with two different lines, namely; ‘Made in Norway’ & ‘Made in Portugal’. Both lines are made with the finest (Japanese) fabrics and constructed by artisans.

Livid’s stock of shirts include a whole range of Japanese fabrics, all made in limited runs, some as low as 19 pieces.


Livid Jeans Review



The Edmond Japan Various Weft is made out of 100% cotton and stitched with dark blue high quality poly core cotton thread. This thread has the strength of polyester and the soft feel of cotton; in fact you get the best of both worlds. The construction of the Edmond feels very solid and is finished with an eye for detail. On the inside Livid stitched three different labels. A brand tag, a washing instruction tag and a Japanese flag symbol to indicate this shirt is made from Japanese fabric.



The fabric on it’s own is a detail because of it’s remarkable weft. Together with this weft there are two other details worth mentioning.


Single chest patch pocket

At the left chest Livid attached a single chest patched pocket. Besides its function it provides this shirt an even better look.


Real Horn Buttons

The Edmond wouldn’t be the Edmond without top of the line hardware. The Edmond features a centre front closure with real horn buttons. Also the buttons at the chest pocket and the button cuffs are made of real horn.



The production of the Edmond shirt took place in a small factory in Roriz Santo Tirso, Portugal. Since 2012 Livid Jeans works together with a network of seven small family owned factories. As a small brand Livid Jeans greatly treasure how close they can get to the production and the people behind. The ‘Made in Portugal’ line has become an integral and important part of the Livid Jeans identity.


Livid Jeans Review



The Edmond Japan Various Weft is made from a 100% cotton indigo dyed narrow loom fabric from the renowned fabric mill Kuroki in Japan. Kuroki is known for their traditionally made high quality fabrics. As you can see on the photos the inside of the fabric exists out of a pattern of different shades of blue. The inside promises to be an extraordinary fade project.



We recommend you to hand wash this shirt only when necessary for minimal shrinkage and damage the fabric.

The Edmond Various Weft is un-washed and un-threated and dyed in indigo so expect it to bleed some indigo. Be careful with rubbing against furniture or other clothing articles.


Livid Jeans Review



Livid Jeans dropped a bomb with their shirts made with various limited (Japanese) fabrics. The Edmond succeeds in being an elegant take on a worker mans shirt, especially in this case complemented with the heavyweight fabric, perfect for these cold, dark days. The Japanese indigo dyed Kuroki fabric is the real eye-catcher here finished off with real horn buttons. Limited to 121 pieces, you can rest assured you’ll get something truly unique!

Sizing proved to cause no issues, their different shirts seem to be true to size compared to most other brands. The Edmond is a rather straight fit.

The inside of the shirt is where the promise of some extraordinary fading possibilities lie. So to all of you fade crazed denim heads out there, in the market to up their fade game, you’ll definitely be interested in this one! The ‘Various weft’ will transfer to the outer part of the fabric if you manage to wear and tear it to it’s fullest potential! We’re expecting crazy results.