By Robin | January 25, 2017

Review Voyej Juna compact wallet


Brand: Voyej

Product name: Juna compact wallet

Materials: Indonesian natural gegetable tanned cowhide leather

Made in: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Price: €65,50



Size: (when folded)

Width: 8,6 cm
Length: 10,4 cm
Depth: 1,5 cm


General information:

Voyej is an Indonesian leather brand based in the metropolis Jakarta. Voyej offers a very wide selection of leather accessories such as wallets, bags, belts and passport holders. The products are designed at their headquarter in Jakarta and manufactured in a workshop in Yogyakarta. Most of the products are made of vegetable tanned cow leather from the USA, but for certain collections they use Indonesian leather.


Review Voyej Juna compact wallet



The wallet is solidly constructed and sewn together with a nylon thread. The edges at the upside of the wallet are burnished and the other edges are folded to the inside of the wallet. This finishing creates a very ‘clean’ look from the outside of the wallet. The leather is stitched together with a nylon thread, which is stronger than a regular cotton thread. On the inside of the wallet Voyej debossed their logo.



The Juna wallet features 6 vertical card slots and one horizontal money slot. The inside contains three blue nylon stitches.


6 Vertical card slots

Although this wallet has a compact look from the outside it can contain up to 6 cards.


Horizontal money slot

The problem with wallets from Asia is that European money won’t fit. The bills in many Asian countries are much smaller and of course most wallets are designed for their own currency. Because the card slots are vertically constructed the wallet has a perfect height for Euro bills.


Blue nylon stitches

The interior of the wallet is decorated with three blue nylon stitching details. These stitches represent the bow of the ship pictured in their logo.


Review Voyej Juna compact wallet



The Juna compact wallet is handcrafted at a workshop in Yogyakarta. Since 2011 all Voyej’s leather goods are manufactured by the same production partner. This production site is owned by Japanese, but operated by Indonesian artisans. Many Japanese brands, including Studio D’artisan, produce their leather goods at this manufactory.



The wallet is made from natural vegetable tanned leather from an Indonesian tannery. The leather has a soft feel and a beautiful natural color. This color will evolve over time and will get darker by just carrying it around, this is called leather patina.


Review Voyej Juna compact wallet



We recommend to treat the leather at least once a year with leather conditioner to avoid the leather from drying out. In the webstore of Voyej you can find several leather conditioners.



The Juna compact wallet is a beautifully finished wallet. It is a very slim wallet, but it can still carry up to 6 cards. The leather as well as the finishing feels very solid. For this review we could pick an item of our choice without knowing the origin of the leather. And as you can probably guess, we picked the Indonesian leather. We can assure you that the leather quality is high and you will not be able to see or feel the difference compared to USA tanned leather.

With a price of €65,50 the Juna is low-priced compared to wallets from other leather brands. So, if you are looking for a wallet with a good price/quality ratio, you should most definitely have a look on Voyej’s webstore!