By Robin | March 01, 2017

Review Momotaro Type II jacket


Brand: Momotaro Jeans
Product name: B2105SP
Materials: 15.7 oz. black selvedge denim – Zimbabwean cotton
Made in: Japan
Price: €369


General information

Momotaro Jeans is one of the most wanted raw denim brands worldwide. They are known for their high quality, durability and beautiful fabrics. Their devotion to getting into details when it comes to fabric and construction is incredible. Their slogan ‘Made by hand without compromise’ is not just a catchy marketing tool, it is Momotaro’s identity.

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The B2105SP is made from 15.7 oz. black x black selvedge denim. The jacket is constructed with black tonal stitching and finished with black coated buttons and copper rivets. As otherwise expected the denim jacket is perfectly constructed.



As we have come to expect from Momotaro, this jacket is brimming with signature details. Most of those details refer to the Japanese fairy tale upon which the name Momotaro is based as well. All details are both functional as well as stylish, such as the black chambray pocket lining on the chest pockets and the black coated buttons with the inscription ‘*Momotaro Jeans*Kojima’. Now we’ll mention three signature details that refer to the Japanese fairy tale. 


Pink selvedge

The pink selvedge ID is one of Momotaro’s signatures. This ID is designed exclusively for Momotaro by Collect Mills, Japan. The pink color refers to the peach on which the boy ‘Momotaro’ arrives in the fairy tale.


Deer leather patch

The deer skin leather patch displays the boy ‘Momotaro’, main character in the fairy tale, sitting on the peach. Besides the picture, you can find the model name and the size of the jacket on this patch.


Battle stripes

The most eye-catching signature of the B2105SP are the two white Battle Stripes on the left arm. These ‘Battle Stripes’ are a tribute to the war flag ‘Peach Boy’ carried in the fairy tale. The battle stripes are Momotaro’s most famous signature detail and complete the fade very nicely.


Momotaro Jeans B2105SP



The construction of all Momotaro Jeans items takes place in Kojima in Okayama prefecture, Japan. Basically, this is the promised land when it comes to Japanese denim, because most of the major Japanese brands are producing in this area. The entire production process of the B2105SP jacket took place here. The weaving process, the fabric dying, the cutting and the sewing stage of the jacket.

When the jacket was finished, Momotaro sea washed the jacket to get rid of all the starch and dye. The sea soak ritual took place at the beach of Kurashiki City, also in Okayama.



The B2105SP is constructed out of 15.7 oz. black x black selvedge denim. The warp as well as the weft are inked black. The fabric is woven from 100% Zimbabwean cotton, which is known to be the best quality cotton in the world. The chest pockets are lined with black chambray for extra durability and for aesthetic reasons. All the materials that are used to make the B2105SP are of the best quality.


Momotaro Jeans B2105SP



To keep the B2105SP deep black we advise you to wash this jacket only when necessary. This jacket will, just like raw denim jeans, fade over time. To keep the fade’s potential up and running we advise you to hand wash this jacket at the time the smell becomes too bad to handle.

We do not encourage to not wash the jeans at all. Washing it once in a while will help recover the worn in fibres, giving your pair of jeans a longer lifespan.



The Momotaro B2105SP type II denim jacket is so incredibly well-crafted and beautifully designed. It’s simply one of the best denim jackets out there. The details, the fabric and the way it’s made is all top notch. The details, which are very common on Momotaro Jeans items, are an addition to the jacket. The battle stripes on the left arm promise to fade very nicely.

With a price tag of €369 we think the Momotaro B2105SP is reasonably priced.  The way it’s made, the quality and the details are truly worth every single penny!

For this review we picked the black x black version of the B2105SP, but for all indigo lovers, there is also an indigo version available.