By Robin | April 26, 2017

The Amsterdam Denim Days –  ‘Denim Hang’


With the highest concentration of denim brands worldwide, the Amsterdam Denim days were
the ultimate opportunity to meet like-minded denim heads to share our common passion for denim. Denim heads from all over the world joined us to celebrate all things indigo!

With lectures, markets and events, the Westergasfabriek turned into ‘Denim Heaven’. Everything and everyone was promoting denim, which resulted in an awesome event with a chill vibe. Last year’s, Amsterdam Denim Days gained lots in popularity, so this year’s edition was way more crowded than previous editions. Even visitors from outside Europe heard about the Amsterdam Denim Days and guys literally flew all the way from the United States just to experience the indigo vibe in Amsterdam.

Being a part of the close knitted and friendly denim community, we looked forward to meet the guys behind all those cool accounts. Since most of these guys live outside Europe, we usually chat via Instagram only. In the run-up to the Denim Days we contacted some guys we’ve been following for a long time and last week, we finally met…

To give you a small impression, we asked several denim heads to share their opinion about the latest Amsterdam Denim Days..


Denim Hang


Victor – @selvedge1

This being my first time to Kingpins and Blueprint, I had no idea what to expect – coming from the US without much preparation. 

I enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes fabric offerings at Kingpins, rubbing elbows with industry folks. This was a nice contrast to the public-friendly Blueprint event, showcasing a different set of brands. Together, Denim Days brings enthusiasts from all levels under one roof — enthusiasts to professionals alike. 

For me, however, it was the denim community that I hung with that made this trip unforgettable. As an Instagrammer with an account focused on denim and menswear, you’re part of a strong, passionate community. We interact with each other almost daily through photos and comments. This expression of creativity is cool online, but being able to meet up and instantly feel like old friends, is amazing. I’ve known some people for over 2 years, and the past weekend has been the first time actually meeting face-to-face. Great conversations over food and drinks, and a few photo sessions as well — make it the best time ever.

I’m looking forward to the next Denim Days, and bringing even more of the Instagram denim community together!


Koen Kuik – @dry.indigo

After two days Amsterdam Denim Days I’m on the couch, worn out. Two days of lots of talking, meeting people and making contact with brands for Blue Roots Official was harder than I thought.

But I look back on a couple of fantastic days. There were lots of brands, but (more importantly) a lot of people from Instagram. Germany, Switzerland and even America, they came from everywhere…

Hereby; @selvedge1, @rvamensch, @beepbeepwhatabeep, @sel.vage, @swissjeansfreak, @raw.denim, you have made this weekend much more of a success


Denim Hang


Jens – @sel.vage

I had visited the Amsterdam Denim Days for the first time with my man Micky and it was pleasure for us. Unfortunately we could only stay for a few hours, but the trip was definitely worth it.

We had no clue what would await us but we were pleasantly surprised from the start – Amsterdam became Indigo.

They chose a really nice location that fits perfectly with the theme. The moment we entered the area we exactly knew what the subject is about – Denim.

The program was very varied and had something to offer for everybody. They had also some foodtrucks with absolutely tasty food and drinks, so our well-being concerning food was guaranteed too – nothing was missing.

We didn’t have enough time to visit and see everything and for this reason our focus was on meeting other people from the community for networking and sharing our passion. It was brilliant! The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and we had nice conversations with many different guys.

It was a fantastic trip and it was worth the effort. We will definitely have to plan much more time for the next Denim Days in Amsterdam.


Denim Hang


Micky – @raw.denim

The Amsterdam Denim Days. Highly anticipated and finally reality. The huge hangout with denimheads from all over the world was about to happen . My man Jens aka @sel.vage and I were visiting the Denim Days Festival last Friday and all I can say is that it was just a crazy good experience.

And not just because we were surrounded by some amazing exhibitionists (just to mention the Chucks dying guys from Amsterdams finest @tenuedenimes 😀 ) but mostly because we finally had the chance to meet all those great people behind the Instagram feeds we’ve admired for a long time.
 There were the Dutch fellas like Koen, Jeroen, Morteza and of course you, Robin 😀 . Then the legend himself from Zurich, Ruedi Karrer aka @swissjeansfreak and last but not least the amazing guys Victor aka @selvedge1 and Pierce alias @rvamensch who flew all the way from the United States just to hang with the denim community and have an indigo filled time. It was such a blast to have all those nice chats and talks about the stuff we all love.And even though we were able to stay only for that day it was one Indigo-hell of a trip.


Photos: Victor – @selvedge1 | © all rights reserved