By Robin | May 13, 2017

April’s Favorites


April has been a month with lots of cool things going on.. We’ve introduced our Nudie Jeans X Robin Denim Wear & Tear contest . This contest promises to be a very exciting way to document the evolution of the Grim Tim on four different persons. If you missed the introduction of the four Dutch denim heads who entered the contest, please read this article.

Also worth mentioning are the Amsterdam Denim Days.. literally everything turned blue in Amsterdam. During these Denim Days, we met so many denim heads from around the world. These guys showed us the privilege of being inside the Instagram denim community.

Please enjoy the April’s Favorites..

5 – @the_paradox_of

The A.P.C. Petit Standard is a jeans, where it started for many of us. The fit, the comfortable fabric and the fade potential makes it really easy to enter the world of raw denim. @the_paradox_of shows the incredible fade potential of the Petit Standard with this nice and clean photo. His pair of Petit Standard’s has been worn for 2.5 years.

4 – @nobrandedon_ina

Nobrandedon displayed the effect of wearing a pair of raw denim jeans. The jeans on the left has been worn for 3 months and shows some tiny fades compared to the one on the left. The pair of jeans on the right of the photo has been worn for one year and so much indigo that it almost turned out white.

3 – @tamzuza

This pair of 20 oz. The Flat Head 2111p is really well worn. The contrast in the honeycombs varies from deep dark blue to almost white. This picture is definitely one of our favorites since the photo is very clean and yet showing heavy fades.

April’s Favorites

2 – @sennah0j

This picture of Johannes was taken during a meeting of three popular Instagrammers from Sweden, namely; @sennah0j @andreasbergstrom83 & @redrawdenim.

Johannes a.k.a. @sennah0j is wearing a Carhartt jacket, a pair of Lee jeans and Red Wings. @andreasbergstrom83 a.k.a. Andreas is rocking a Lee jacket, a pair of jeans from the American brand Rogue Territory and also a pair of Red Wings. Daniel a.k.a. @redrawdenim is wearing a Nudie Jeans jacket with a pair of SoSo jeans and, of course, Red Wings.

1 – @indigoskin

What is better than a pair of well faded jeans? The answer to this question is given by Indigoskin.. six pair of nicely faded jeans. This incredible lineup of the Bangkok based brand is, as expected, the most popular photo of last April. The honeycombs and stacks make it really hard to look away from this photo.