By Robin | August 01, 2017

Review Benzak x CULTIZM x Robin Denim Contest Jeans


Brand: Benzak Denim Developers
Product name: B-01 Slim Contest Jeans
Fabric: 15 oz. Kojima Contest selvedge
Made in: Portugal
Price: €199


General information

Benzak Denim Developers, CULTIZM and Robin Denim partnered up to create a special pair of jeans exclusively for a new fading contest, made from Japanese selvedge denim with amazing fading potential. The contest will be limited to 50 participants and there will be prizes for the winners up to €1.000 store credits at CULTIZM. Pre-order starts on August 1st, so mark your calendar!

Benzak Denim Developers, is an Amsterdam based denim brand, that combines the Japanese attention to detail with European fits. The brand consists of two lines, one produced in Japan and the other one in Portugal, both offering a wide selection of jeans. Besides jeans, the ‘European Made’ collection also includes a range of sweats and tees.

CULTIZM is an online denim ‘Walhalla’, offering a selection of over 90 brands. The CULTIZM web store is the place to visit when you are in need of either a new pair of jeans or boots, shirts, jackets and so forth.


Learn more about the contest and read the official announcement here.



The fit

The B-01 fit is a modern mid-rise slim fit, which follows a slim silhouette all the way, but provides enough room to feel comfortable in the 15 oz. Kojima contest fabric. The jeans fit the legs nicely without being too tight and because of this, the B-01 fit is suitable for many body types.



Aluminum buttons

The buttons are made of 100% aluminum, in order to make sure the silver color will remain. The button will become mat over time and will evolve alongside the jeans.


Vegetable tanned leather patch

The leather patch of the Contest Jeans is made from 4mm super thick vegetable tanned leather. This type of leather is incredibly strong, durable and will age over time. When the jeans will start fading, the leather patch will darken due to sunlight and being worn. The patch displays the beautiful artwork that is especially designed for this contest.


Hidden 6th pocket

A typical Benzak signature, which can be found in the Contest Jeans, is the hidden 6th pocket. The 6th pocket has been placed on the left hand side and is striking but subtle. It is called ‘hidden’ because when worn with a belt, the pocket will not be visible.



Development & Production

The first stage of the production process took place at the Benzak office in Amsterdam. At the office, Lennaert, owner of Benzak, took care of the design and the branding. The special contest artwork, pictured on the leather patch and the Contest Tee, is designed by an Amsterdam based designer.

The fabric is woven by the famous Japanese denim mill Collect, in Okayama, Japan. Collect is known to be one of the best denim mills in the world and is famous for their extremely high quality of selvedge denim. This is the first time, Benzak has used this specific type of fabric.

The construction of the jeans took place at a small factory in Portugal in order to guarantee fair wages and an eco-friendly production process. This factory is responsible for all Benzak ‘European Made’ items. This is the first time Benzak has used a Japanese fabric for the European production, being the first ‘hybrid’ BDD jeans.



The 15 oz. Kojima Contest selvedge fabric is made of 100% cotton and features a red-line selvedge. The right hand twill fabric is sanforized, so minor shrinkage is expected after being washed for the first time. The fabric features subtle slubs, which make the fabric very interesting at first sight. Over time, these slubs will result in an incredible deep fading contrast. The fabric feels rough at first, but after having been worn for some weeks, it will mold perfectly to your legs.

The jeans is stitched with a heavy duty yarn, to make sure it will last a small eternity. The yarn exists of a strong polyester core with a cotton cover. The strength and durability of this type of yarn are excellent and especially suitable for heavyweight fabrics. The buttons are made of 100% aluminum and the patch is made of vegetable tanned leather, which will age over time alongside the jeans.




The Contest jeans is made of sanforized selvedge denim, so an initial soak is not necessary. We recommend you to wear your jeans as long as possible before being washed for the first time in order to create deep contrasting fades. Washing your jeans earlier will create a clear even blue tone, which might also be beautiful. When the washing cannot wait any longer, we therefore advise a hand wash and as a result minimal damage to the fabric. We do not encourage not washing the jeans at all. Washing it every once in a while will help recover the fibers, giving your pair of jeans a longer lifespan.



The Contest Jeans is a high-quality pair of jeans, made of the finest Japanese selvedge denim and finished with strong, durable and beautiful materials. This pair of jeans comes in a limited quantity of 50 pairs and is specifically created for the Benzak x CULTIZM x Robin Denim fading contest.

The fabric of the Contest Jeans comes at a weight of 15 oz. and features subtle slubs, aluminum buttons and a vegetable tanned leather patch. The fabric feels rough and heavy at first, but will be really comfortable after a few weeks of wearing. We carefully selected this specific fabric, because we believe it will fade beautifully over time.

With the purchase of the Contest Jeans comes a limited edition Contest Tee. The tee is made of 100% cotton and is fabricated in Portugal. The tee features a small chest pocket and has a contest print at the back.

The jeans, including the free Contest Tee, is available for pre-order from August 1st at CULTIZM for the price of €199. The contest will start on November 1st.


Head over to CULTIZM and make sure you join our special Fading Contest!


BDD x Cultizm x Robin Denim fading contest

BDD x Cultizm x Robin Denim fading contest