By Robin | September 20, 2017

August’s Favorites

Last month, we’ve travelled through Indonesia and for this reason we prepared a couple of awesome interview series to continue the updates on Robin Denim. But before we will dive into the interviews we want to share our impressions of the Indonesian denim community.

We started our trip spending three days in Jakarta, an immensely crowded metropole and capital of the beautiful nation of Indonesia. During our stay we had a denim meeting with a group consisting of enthusiastic denim heads and brands at the highest sky bar in Jakarta, SKYE. During this meeting we were overwhelmed and impressed by their kindness, enthusiasm, and professionality, so to all my guys; Terima Kasih!

On Robin Denim, we mainly focused on two interview series, namely; the SS18 series and the Wear & Tear month’4 interviews. Regarding the SS18 series, we spoke with Momotaro Jeans, Rogue Territory, Japan Blue Jeans, Benzak Denim Developers, and Nudie Jeans. During the interviews, we spoke frankly about the upcoming SS18 collection, so they are definitely worth reading. If you missed one of these interviews, head over to the Robin Denim SS18 series and make sure to read them all!

The first 5 months of the Nudie Jeans x Robin Denim Wear & Tear contest have passed. At this point some incredible fades are kicking in and the differences between the participants are already visible. Because we were curious about the experiences of the four participants, we send them an interview to see if the Grim Tim meets their expectations. So, head on over to Latest news and read their interviews.

That was all we had to say for now, so, please enjoy the August’s Favorites.


1. @sonofanarch

This month, Khairool will take care of the kick-off of the monthly favorites with four heavily faded pairs of Japanese denim. With two pairs of Iron Heart’s and two pairs of the Flat Head’s, Khairool is showing us several impressive fades!

August’s Favorites


2. @mmrtnelanda 

Martin is one of those Indonesian denim heads who likes to wear heavy weight denim in the hot and humid climate of Indonesia. On his feed, you’ll find multiple examples of nicely faded jeans of Indonesian denim brands. Especially the Oldblue jeans in this photo is a good example of his capabilities! During our trip to Indonesia, we heard a story that Martin even wears his jeans while he is sleeping, unfortunately, we cannot confirm this story at this point in time. To be continued.

August’s Favorites


3. @tkinrod 

Because we really liked the first post of Tanakron’s Momotaro Jeans denim jacket, we sent him a direct message with a request for more photos! The picture below was one of those photos and almost as great as the initial picture. To which I have to add that the honeycombs on this Momotaro jacket are very impressive. To see the initial picture of the denim jacket… just scroll down!

August’s Favorites


4. @tammamat

The Lee 101 125th Anniversary denim jacket from Tamam is, to be honest, one of the best-faded jackets we have ever seen. Especially the honeycombs are truly amazing! Tamam has been wearing this jacket for about 15 months and soaked it just one time (and of course several rain-soaks)!

August’s Favorites


5. @tkinrod 

Above we mentioned that Tamam’s jacket is one of the best-faded denim jackets we’ve ever seen… well, Tanakron’s jacket is another good contender! This well faded Momotaro jacket is an absolute piece of art and is showing the power of wearing. Although denim jackets are hard to break in, this picture is a good motivation to push on and take it to the next level!

August’s Favorites