By Robin | November 01, 2017


Finally, 106 days after the official announcement, the wait is over. As of today, all participants can finally start wearing their BENZAK x CULTIZM x ROBIN DENIM Contest Jeans! It promises to be one hell of a contest, with absolute phenomenal fades guaranteed.

Every month, we will display the nine best pictures on Robin Denim, starting December 1st. When we select the nine photos, and the eventual winners, we will mainly look at the fades, the photography and the creativity. To be featured as one of the ‘Best Nine’ on Robin Denim, you need to post at least one photo a month by using #benzakcontest. Today, the participants need to prove that the jeans is still new and unworn, by posting a photo of the Contest Jeans with its original tags and one of today’s newspapers.

We have spoken to many enthusiastic denim heads who can’t wait to start wearing the Contest Jeans. We have already heard some interesting and creative ideas that can be transferred into pictures. However, when you still need that tiny bit of extra motivation, check out the prizes below, for they will definitely motivate you to go all out and give it everything you got!

1st place: €1.000 Cultizm store credit
2nd place: €500 Cultizm store credit
3rd place: €250 Cultizm store credit



Ruedi’s pick of the month 

Now that you know (almost) everything, we have one final surprise. From December 1st onwards, Ruedi Karrer, a.k.a. @swissjeansfreak, will every month select his favorite picture out of #benzakcontest.

Ruedi will transfer his limitless knowledge and his passion for denim into an objective opinion by selecting just one picture every month. He will also explain, in his world-famous denim language, why he picked that specific photo. Apart from the fact that it is a great honor to be chosen as Ruedi’s favorite, it has no influence on your ranking in the contest.

Ruedi is a guy who needs no introduction from our side, he is an iconic cult-figure in the denim scene and a living Denim Wikipedia. With over 8000 pairs of jeans, and more than 6000 denim jackets, we are pretty sure that Ruedi has one of the largest denim collection in the world. Alongside his incredible jeans museum of heaviest fades, he is also involved in many things going on in the denim scene. By visiting all European denim trade shows and as an active member of the denim community on Instagram, he is a serious force to be reckoned with!

Last year, Lennaert and Eduard from Benzak visited Ruedi Karrer in his home town, Zurich. Check out the video below to learn more about Ruedi Karrer.



Now that we disclosed to you that Ruedi is on board, we just gave you another reason to use #benzakcontest. Lastly, we cannot say it enough, let your creativity run free while showing us some of the best fades the world has ever seen. Guys, happy fading!


BDD x Cultizm x Robin Denim fading contest


BDD x Cultizm x Robin Denim fading contest