By Robin | January 25, 2018

5 FADETASTIC denim jackets

The first denim jacket was created by Levi Strauss, of course, in the late 1800’s and was adopted by workers as their uniform because of its durability and movable properties. Over the years, the denim jacket became an iconic piece and is worn by many different subcultures all over the world. Today, denim jackets are widely embraced and are still loved for the same reasons, namely: mobility, durability, and versatility.

Denim jackets as a fade project? That can prove to be a real pain in the ass. Especially with jackets made of a non-stretch fabric of 14 oz. or higher, those can start off as an uncomfortable journey. But, just like a pair of jeans, once you’ve survived the first couple of weeks, the fabric will soften, and it will let you breathe again. And the fades are worth all the trouble.

Nowadays, many denim brands have at least one denim jacket in their collection. Because there are so many jackets out there, we thought it would be helpful to feature five jackets that we like!


Companion Denim Type III jacket Natural Indigo Overdyed

Companion Denim recently re-released their prevalent Type III Overdyed Natural Indigo denim jacket. Initially, it was to be released last summer but was already sold out before it even hit their web store. Read more about Companion Denim, and the official announcement of the re-release here.

The Type III jacket is Companion Denim’s take on the popular type III denim jacket and is slightly adjusted to a slim fit. By changing the way of constructing the waist pockets, they can be used from both the inside as the outside. This clever modification results in seven pockets, something truly unique for a denim jacket. The chest pockets are embroidered with Companion Denim’s ‘Nerve embroidery’ signature stitches. Furthermore, it features matt black branded hardware, and the buttons are backed with leather rings, cut from the same leather as the leather patch on the back.

The jacket comes in a 14 oz. deep blue ‘neppy’ selvedge denim fabric, sourced at one of the leading Turkish denim mills. It features a yellow selvedge ID and has a promising fading potential. When the fabric is shipped to Spain, it is constructed at Companion Denim’s workshop. Once the jacket is sewn together, the garment is dyed with natural indigo in a dyeing house. ‘The overdye’ results in beautiful deep blue shades on both the in- and outside.

The fabric has a soft feel and is comfortable right from the first wear. The Type III natural indigo overdyed denim jacket is available through the Companion Denim web store and comes at a price of €350.

Denim Jacket


JWJ El Patron (Loomstate)

Since it is the first time we are featuring JWJ on our website, we would like to start by shortly introducing this brand. JWJ is established on Mallorca, Spain, by José Luis Vives and his uncle, José Pepin Vives. After years of being just denim fans, José and José decided to turn their shared passion for denim into their profession. JWJ’s collections are inspired by the heritage of denim as a ‘workers garment’ and are mixed up with contemporary adjustments.

The El Patron is a triple pleated denim jacket, pulling inspiration from a jacket from late 19th century. By slightly changing the cut and cuffs, and placing two asymmetrical front pockets, JWJ succeeded to create a jacket with a unique appearance. It is adorned with vegetable tanned leather washers under the copper-colored YKK rivets and buttons, and flat felled seams.

The fabric of JWJ’s El Patron jacket is something we would like to highlight. It is made of a composition of 65% cotton and 35% hemp and comes at a weight of 15.5 ounces. It features a green/ white selvedge ID, which can be found on the cuffs, back, cinch and waistband. The yarns were hand dyed in natural indigo, and after, the fabric was woven by Nihon Mempu in Japan. The fabric is loomstate (unsanforized), which means that it is expected to shrink after being washed for the first time.

The El Patron is available for €295 and can be ordered here.

Denim Jacket


Studio D’artisan DB-434 2nd denim jacket

As you have probably already noticed, we like spreading cool facts about denim. Well, here’s one: Studio D’artisan is one of the first brands setting the tone of what Japanese denim is today. Founded in 1979 by Shigeharu Tagaki in Osaka, Japan, Studio D’artisan started producing collections made of selvedge denim eschewing most mass production techniques. Today, almost 40 years later, the designs are still made in Osaka, while the production has moved to Okayama prefecture.

Studio D’artisan’s DB-434 2nd denim jacket is made of their signature 15 oz. selvedge denim fabric. This rigid and hairy fabric is made of 100% cotton and features a bright blue selvedge ID. The silhouette of the jacket is an ‘upgraded’ version of their classic models, to make sure it fits slimmer than we are used to with jackets from Studio D’artisan. By narrowing the sleeve width, and finishing it three dimensional, the DB-434 jacket is Darti’s contemporary denim jacket. The jacket is finished with silver colored branded buttons and copper branded rivets, and a genuine leather patch which displays a Studio D’artisan artwork.

Studio D’artisan’s DB-434 2nd denim jacket is available at Denimio and comes at a price of €210. Because this jacket can be tough breaking in, Denimio is offering the one-washed version as well, making the worn-in period much more comfortable.

Denim Jacket


Denim.lab Hunter Jacket

Denim.lab is making quality garments for both men and kids since 2015, and is established by Sander van de Vecht in the Netherlands. We have written a Meet the Maker article about Denim.lab a few months ago, which you can read here.

Different to the other jackets we feature in this article, Denim.lab’s Hunter Jacket is not based on a typical type I, II, or III denim jacket. The Hunter Jacket looks more like a worker jacket and comes in a slim fit.

The Hunter Jacket is made of a beautiful 14 oz. deadstock Japanese selvedge fabric, which feels quite soft on the inside. The fabric is made of an indigo dyed warp and a brown-ish weft, and has a redline selvedge ID. Because of the deadstock fabric, the Hunter Jacket is limited to only fifty pieces. Furthermore, it features matt black branded hardware, three pockets on the outside, and Denim.lab’s signature hidden pocket on the left chest. The jacket is entirely sewn with an indigo dyed yarn, which fades alongside the jacket.

The Hunter jacket is limited to only fifty pieces, so act fast, head over to Denim.lab’s web store before they run out!

Denim Jacket


3sixteen Type 3s Shadow Selvedge

The fifth and last denim jacket we feature in this article is probably one of the most sought-after jackets at the moment. The Type 3s denim jacket is 3sixteen’s homage to the classic type III design and is slightly adjusted to provide more length. The front of the jacket is carrying hand pockets that are lined with Japanese wale black corduroy, and the back is featuring a cleaner design by replacing the original yoke with their signature crossed back.

3sixteen’s type 3s denim jacket is made of their 14.5 oz. flagship shadow selvedge fabric, which is exclusively made for 3sixteen in Okayama, Japan. The fabric starts deep blue/ purple-ish and evolves incredibly with high contrasting fades. The collar is reinforced with zig-zag stitching, and the gunmetal shanks are made by YKK. And, just like almost every item in 3sixteen’s collection, the make of the Type 3s jacket took place entirely in the USA.

Our friends at Clobbercalm are offering 3sixteen’s Type 3s denim jacket for €295. Make sure to swing by at their recently opened web store to encounter all their great indigo garments.

Denim JacketPhoto courtesy of @fort_box_