By Robin | January 02, 2018

AMSTERDAM 191117 – Part 2

In continuation of our photoshoot with the talented photographer Hans Jellema, we will feature the rest of the photos in today’s issue. With many high-quality garments, a talented photographer on our side, and Amsterdam as decor, great photos are guaranteed.

If you missed the first part of the photoshoot, click here, otherwise, scroll all the way down and enjoy the photos. We can honestly recommend all garments we used in this project. The quality of the garments are of the highest standards. The quality, plus the heritage of the brands, and killer details, make it an outstanding selection. Make sure that once you have checked the photos, you take a look at all of these amazing brands!

Momotaro Jeans // Japan Blue Jeans // Denim.lab // Hawksmill // Tossijn


Jeans: Momotaro Jeans // Jacket: Japan Blue Jeans // Boots: Helm boots

AmsterdamJacket: Japan Blue Jeans // Jeans: Momotaro Jeans

AmsterdamJeans: Momotaro Jeans // Boots: Helm boots // Watch: Renard 

AmsterdamJeans Tossijn // Sweater Tossijn 

AmsterdamSweater Tossijn // Jeans Hawksmill // Watch: Renard 

AmsterdamJeans Tossijn

AmsterdamJeans: Momotaro Jeans // Jacket: Japan Blue Jeans // Boots: Helm boots // Shirt Denim.lab

Amsterdam // Jacket: Japan Blue Jeans // Shirt Denim.lab // Jeans: Momotaro Jeans

AmsterdamJeans: Momotaro Jeans // Boots: Helm boots 

Amsterdam Shirt Denim.lab // Jeans Hawksmill

AmsterdamJeans Hawksmill // Sweater Tossijn // Watch: Renard