By Robin | March 08, 2019

Hellequino – Opinions of the Denim Influencers

In March 2018, the new kid on the block Hellequino took a brave step to enter the denim market with their first collection. Gabriele Marcotullio, founder of the brand, started Hellequino as a research project and the launch of the collection saw great success. Always looking for unique details, style and quality, the collection is extraordinary and eye catching.

Hellequino recently released their second collection, which includes two beautifully designed denim pieces. Perhaps more subtle than their first collection, we were impressed with the details, quality and manufacture of the garments.

From its inception, Hellequino has done well on Instagram. We have seen many denim heads posting garments from the brand and we became curious about their findings. So, we reached out to four Hellequino fans in order to get their opinion on the brand and it’s latest collection. Read on to find out what these ‘blue bloods’ had to say about the product.


From the first drop of the raw denim collection from Hellequino, I fell in love with the brand and product. Hellequino dares to be different and tries to be unique. I think the first collection shows that you can enter an existing market with a bold statement. The heritage feeling combined with innovative design and deadstock Japanese selvedge is an absolute winner for me!

Gabriele Marcotullio and his team took their time to make an accessible new collection. The design is less outspoken, but the utility jacket and heavy shirt are timeless and visionary. Made from good quality Italian denim and featuring some solid details which show their love for the product. Both items fit easily into your existing wardrobe but will also stand out from the rest. It has the Hellequino signature at first sight.



The first time I saw Hellequino was on Robin Denim and I was hooked straight away. In my opinion, Hellequino has a very intriguing way of designing unique denim pieces. Gabriele is constantly surprising me with his creativity and great ideas. His latest collection is no exception! I am a big fan of all Hellequino pieces, but I love the chino the most. A beautiful denim chino with an Italian design approach…



I can describe why I love Hellequino in just one sentence: It matches with my style perfectly! But, I will give you a little more detail… Although I really love denim, heritage and workwear, I am not the classic ‘rugged guy’. I respect the heritage of clothing and the way it was made, but I live in the present. So I like to mix classic pieces with a modern style and a touch of ‘dapper’. And that is why Hellequino caught my eyes immediately. Their denim jackets, chambray shirts, denim vest and chino fit perfectly with my own personal style.

About their latest collection; the heavy shirt is the perfect mid-layer or ‘light jacket’, while the fleece lined jacket is a modern take on the classic Sherpa Jacket. They’re super nice. All in all, I am really looking forward to seeing what Gabriele will produce in the future!



Hellequino is a stylish Italian brand, making modern denim workwear. In comparison to more traditional denim brands, they are more formal and focused on contemporary design. The recent collection is made of good quality denim fabrics and the designs are more modern and stylish than conventional work wear. I am definitely a Hellequino fan!


It’s fair to say that Hellequino has established a solid presence on Instagram and made a favorable impression with worldwide denim heads. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the brand and what Gabrielle’s next creation might be!