By Robin | April 09, 2017

March’s Favorite


March was a month with a lot of awesome developments behind the scenes of Robin Denim. We promise you at least one cool announcement in the coming weeks, so be curious and stay in touch! On Instagram, the popularity of the photos have gone sky high… The number one photo of this month had over 140.000 views on Instagram, which is so insanely much! Please make sure you follow the guys mentioned below. Just click on their names to be redirected to their Instagram feeds!


5 – @indigoskinjeans

The Indigoskin jeans on this photo displays such awesome denim evolution. The whiskers as well as the honeycombs and the stacks are setting in deeply. If you want to meet the founder of Indigoskin jeans, read our interview with Tuchawee here.

March’s Favorite


4 – @dutildenimshop

The quality of the picture is so high, despite the bad resolution.. This photo was taken by the Dutil Denim shop during their Fade February contest last year. We’re not sure, but we think, given the extremely well faded pair of jeans,  this might be the top 3 of the Fade February contest.

March’s Favorite


3 – @sektiwira

One thing that can’t surprise us anymore are the nicely faded Naked & Famous Elephant 4 jeans. The fade potential of the fabric is close to perfect and Sekti Wira showed us why the Elephant 4 is worth considering.

March’s Favorite


2 – @enelldenim & @nizzel55x

One guy we couldn’t see enough updates of is Nils aka @nizzel55x (the guy on the right). This guy wears his Iron heart jeans so hardcore! Together with his buddy @enelldenim, Nils shows us how one pair of jeans will evolve completely differently on two different persons. Nils has worn his IH-666SII for 422 days with 8 machine washes and 2 soaks, while @enelldenim has worn the same jeans for 595 days with only one machine wash and 3 soaks.

Meet Nils aka @nizzel55x in our interview for ‘Our Favorite Instagrammers’.

March’s Favorite


1 – @denimio_shop

Comparison photos are the best way to show the evolution of your jeans. This pair of Pure Blue Japan jeans changed from deep dark blue to a well-worn piece of art. The left knee and the back pockets got repaired and even the honeycombs are ripped.

Considering to buy a pair of jeans online? Read our review of Denimio here.

March’s Favorite