By Robin | August 05, 2017

July’s Favorites

Last month we published several cool things on Robin Denim. The interview with Kishimoto, managing director of Japan Blue Jeans, and Erik Brodt, co-founder of Ginew, are definitely two articles worth reading over and over again.

Another thing that was hard to miss on Robin Denim was our announcement of the Benzak x Cultizm x Robin Denim Fading Contest. We worked hard behind the scenes to present to you another awesome contest. And, in contrast to our Nudie Jeans Wear & Tear contest, everyone can join. So, if you missed the official announcement, read it now, and make sure to have a look at the Contest Jeans at Cultizm.

Another thing, please enjoy the July’s favorites!


5 – @pay_overdose

What is better than a nicely worn in pair of jeans? Exactly, two nicely worn in pair of jeans! This photo shows us the fade potential of a pair of Iron Heart, and we have to admit that they look pretty good.

July’s Favorites


4 – @jia_exclusive

Every month, we see fades coming by and simultaneously the questions ‘HOW?’ pops up in our minds. Well, Jia’s pair of jeans is exactly one of those… look at those honeycombs! This pair of jeans is a collaboration between the Thai denim store Pronto and the Japanese denim brand   The Flat Head and comes at a weight of 20 oz.

July’s Favorites


3 – @mrizky_gdbteamsamurai

This photo displays the essence of raw denim. The left side is a picture of Muhammad’s brand new Samurai Jeans S710 while the right part shows the same pair of jeans after 10 months of wearing. Awesome denim evolution!

July’s Favorites


2- @tammamat

Tamam, an Indonesian denim head, has been wearing this LEE 101+ 125th anniversary jacket to a whole new level. Especially the honeycombs, showing such an incredible deep contrast.

July’s Favorites


1 – @toomanypants

The picture with the highest engagement in July comes from our friend Ian. Ian’s Naked & Famous Elephant 2, worn for only 5,5 months, is so well faded. This pair of jeans, still never  been washed so far, promises to reach the holy grail status. Can’t wait to see more updates from this pair! Besides, you should check his ‘Our Favorite Instagrammers’ interview to learn more about this professional denim fader.

July’s Favorites