By Robin | October 05, 2017

September’s Favorites

Now that we’ve reached October, we can officially say that the summer has come to an end. Days are becoming shorter, the temperature is dropping, and the weather is getting worse. It sounds kind of depressing, but the upcoming winter will also bring us many good things. For example: you can finally wear that jacket that cost you a small fortune and those great leather boots without sweating your feet off. Another great thing of the dwindling temperature is that you can start wearing your heavyweight jeans again. For all of you that are still looking for a new pair of jeans, we recently wrote an article on five pairs of heavyweight jeans you might consider as your new project this winter. You can find the article here.

Another article you should definitely read is the introduction of the 5 rules for the BENZAK x CULTIZM x ROBIN DENIM contest. Besides the rules, we also gave some advice on how to create the best fades, so if you missed it, make sure you read this article.

In September we posted lots of great fades (just like every month) and below you will find September’s favorites.


  1. @andreasbergstrom

Andreas is someone who knows how to wear denim on denim. Andreas is wearing a well-faded pair of Rogue Territory’s with a Lee denim jacket on top. Apart from these awesome garments, he is wearing some leather goods that are definitely complimenting his outfit.

September's Favorites


  1. @coef_men

Since we are on Instagram, this picture circled around on the internet. This picture, made by the Dutch store Coef, displays what raw denim is all about. Starting with a new pair of Denham dry’s on the right, to end with a heavy faded pair of jeans on the left. This photo displays the great potential of a pair of dry’s.

September's Favorites


  1. @handickkk

The battle stripes on a new pair of Momotaro jeans are awesome, but the same stripes on a faded pair of Momotaro’s are even better! Handi has been wearing this pair of jeans for more than 20 months and he only soaked it twice. The results of his dedication and patience are incredible!

September's Favorites


  1. @tkinrod

Tanakron’s Momotaro denim jacket is amazing. Every picture of this jacket could easily make it into the September’s favorites. Like we said last month, this is one of the best-faded denim jackets we’ve ever seen.

September's Favorites


  1. @benzakdenimdevelopers

This picture of Benzak proves that there is no such thing as too much indigo. The combination between Benzak’s 12 oz. ‘Steel Blue’ and the indigo dyed Converse Chuck Taylor’s is outright irresistible.

September's Favorites