By Robin | November 20, 2017

The evolution of King’s 19 oz. LEE 101Z – Month’14

King Yu Yiu aka @kingyuyiu has been an inspiration for us since he started on Instagram. King is not only a master in fading a pair of denim to its limit, he is also very accurate in documenting the evolution. His former project, a 23 oz. LEE 101Z, was very impressive. King had worn the LEE 101Z for 1338 days, with a strict no-wash policy, to witness the beauty of natural fading. The result was such an extremely faded pair of jeans we’ve never seen before… Head over to our Fade Gallery to admire the 23 oz. heavily faded LEE 101Z.

In the past 14 months, we have been following King’s new project; the 19 oz. LEE 101Z. With the evolution of his former pair in mind, we decided to follow his new project on foot and report on the progress every month. A couple of weeks ago, King already reached the one year mark. So, on this very special occasion, we sent King an interview about all his findings concerning the 19 oz. LEE 101Z, you can read this interview here.

That being said, please enjoy the first 14 months of King’s 19 oz. LEE 101Z…



Lee 101Z

Month’13LEE 101Z

LEE 101Z

LEE 101Z

LEE 101Z



Month’7LEE 101Z

Month’6LEE 101Z


Month’4LEE 101Z